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Why do I need specialised real estate or construction photography for my building project?
  • Professionally shot commercial real estate or construction images will represent your brand positively in print or online.
  • Great images have the potential to sell a project.
  • Quality photography will draw new visitors in to your social media.
  • Photography that is eye-catching will keep users engaged on your website or in your marketing material.
  • Photos are great records and show a timeline of your construction.
  • Find out more here.
Who should I get to photograph my property?

Like builders, photographers specialise in different fields. Not every photographer is experienced in architectural photography. It is best to discuss your project with a photographer who has a solid understanding of shooting real estate, who will take into consideration lighting, time of day, workers on site, styling and safety.

Can I photograph my building project with my mobile?

In short, yes of course you can! In fact we would encourage you and your team to document and file as much as possible for future reference. However, for marketing and those special images that require perfection, we recommend hiring a professional commercial real estate photographer who knows how to capture your property and how best to present it.

How much does construction or commercial real estate photography cost?

Every building is unique, and your requirements will differ from project to project.

CRE photographers work with developers and builders to fully capture every angle and detail. We provide a database of high-end, high-resolution images that document your property construction at each stage, or just at completion.

Depending on your requirements CRE will photography before and after, interior and exterior, and project milestones, as well as quality material for your record-keeping and marketing material.

Call us to discuss your building project and your photographic needs. We will provide a competitive quote to work within your budget.